Best 15 Anime Skins in Fortnite

Best 15 Anime Skins in Fortnite

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    Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royal games and it is known for its numerous collaborations with movies, series, TV shows, and real people. This article describes new Fortnite skins from one of the most famous areas – anime.

    Naruto Uzumaki

    Let’s start the list with perhaps the most popular anime character of all time and the protagonist of the eponymous series, Naruto Uzumaki. Players who love anime will recognize the look of the iconic skin for the first time through its blond hair and clothing.

    The skin is presented in original clothes, but the set also includes the style of the Seventh Hokage and Shippuden for players bored with the classic style. Epic Naruto skin is available for 1500 V-Bucks.

    Kakashi Hatake

    Skin Kakashi Hatake is also one of the most popular and coolest anime skins from the cool collaboration of Fortnite and Naruto Shippuden. He hides his face and has a troubled past in which the ninja has seen many deaths. This character has always been distinguished by modesty and patience. Possessing the eye of the Sharingan, he releases genjutsu that none of the enemies expect and it helps a lot to win, confusing everyone.

    The Epic Kakashi Hatake skin comes in original clothing but also has Anbu clothing and is available for 1500 V-Bucks.

    Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha skin from the Naruto series has ambiguous popularity, someone loves it, someone hates it, but it is impossible to remain indifferent. The consumerist attitude towards Naruto and his friends who only wished good for him caused a mixed reaction from the fans, but this is the only one. survivor of a gifted clan and it deserves attention.

    This Epic skin only wears one outfit style, unlike the previous skins. The dark and fearsome Sasuke Uchiha can use the Serpent Sword and is available in the game for 1600 V-Bucks.

    Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha is the older brother of the aforementioned Sasuke, a renegade former Anbu member of the Hidden Leaf Clan. In his youth, Itachi became an international criminal, destroying his entire clan, leaving only his younger brother alive. Still, after his death, it turned out that all his actions were aimed at the benefit of Sasuke and Konoha, and he remained devoted to the Hidden Leaf until the very end.

    Itachi skin is available in two outfits and costs 1500 V-Bucks.


    Gaara is another anime skin from the Naruto Shippuden series. This shinobi of Hidden Sand Village. Even before he was born, he was turned into jinchuriki, so the inhabitants of the Sand were afraid of him and considered him a monster. With no connection to anyone, Gaara grew up hating the world and caring only for himself, justifying his existence by killing anyone who gets in his way. This is reflected in his eyes with black eyeliner and face tattoos. After being defeated in a battle with Naruto Uzumaki – the same jinchuuriki who found strength in friendship – Gaara decides to imitate him. A few years later, he becomes the Fifth Kazekage to protect the Sand Village and its inhabitants, as well as dispel the fear himself. After all, better late than never!

    Available in two styles and priced at 1800 V-Bucks.


    Orochimaru is another legendary Sannin of the Hidden Leaf Village. This skin with a very gloomy and even sinister look has always sought to gain immortality and even experimented on his fellow citizens for the sake of this immortality, and later escaped and sought to destroy the village to take revenge and show what he had learned.

    Many players like the Orochimaru skin due to its reputation as a villain and its use of snake species and snakes. It costs in the item store 1600 V-Bucks.

    Hinata Hyuga

    Hinata Hyuga is the first female skin from Fortnite anime skins on this list and also a character with a troubled past. She is the former heiress of the Hyuga clan who was rejected by her father due to her humble nature and inability to be the ninja leading the clan. But Hinata persevered and, like many others, thanks to Naruto Uzumaki, she found strength in herself, in an example to follow, and in her love.

    The Hinata Hyuga skin also has two styles, one original outfit and one outfit for Hinata Uzumaki from the Boruto sequel, and is available in the store for 1500 V-Bucks.

    Sakura Haruno

    Let’s complete the series of skins from the collaboration with Naruto Shippuden with one another girl, the charming Sakura Haruno.

    With superhuman strength and charm, Sakura can instantly attract and intimidate her enemies. She may not have been the most vital member of her team in the series, but she could heal.

    In the game, Sakura Haruno skin is presented in the original style, but there is also Shinobi Gear clothing, which includes katanas and kunai. The Epic skin is available in the store for 1500 V-Bucks.


    The Chigusa skin is the first of three girls that the player can immediately obtain by purchasing the Cyber Infiltration Bundle for 2200 V-Bucks from the item shop.

    A former warpath journalist, Chigusa looks stunning. She wears a short dress with a belt on her hip, a small choker, and a cap, and her body is decorated with beautiful roses in the form of a tattoo. But all roses have thorns, and Chigusa’s main thorn is a modern spear that looks very dangerous.


    Megumi skin is the second on the list of lovely ladies from the Cyber Infiltration Pack. Former security guard according to Epic. This skin wears a pink uniform, armor, and even eyes, a painted spear, and fully tattooed arms. Two black pigtails add even more lightness to her person, but everyone knows that look can be deceiving.


    Yuki skin is the last of the three skins in the Cyber ​​Infiltration Pack and by the way the cutest at first sight. She wears a white jacket, green hair, and big white headphones, but beneath that modest teenage look is a skilled hacker who can defend herself quite well.

    Yuki can walk with or without a hood, has two harvesting katanas, and just like the previous two skins is not available separately, but only in the Cyber ​​Infiltration Pack, which costs 2200 V-Bucks in the item store and includes Yuki, Chigusa, and Megumi.


    Another female skin is presented on this list – the lost princess Erisa, who wears cat ears and eyes with a cat’s look. Hailing from a forgotten realm of warriors, this skin has different styles that become available during gameplay for completing the respective challenges. For example, Erisa wears white, black, or pink hair in various outfits and even a futuristic helmet with royal white and green attire.

    The Eris Skin has Epic rarity and is only available in the game as part of the Wish Keeper Pack for players who bought all the cosmetics on Page 8 and spent 9 Battle Stars in Chapter 3 of Season 2.



    Lexa is not currently available in-game skin, but definitely worth a look. According to Epic  this cutest creature is a psychopath and bounty hunter with silver hair, a snow-white smile, and ruthless red eyes. She has several color styles and an interesting feature that makes her stand out from the rest is an emotion that gives her an armor that resembles an android robot called Mechafusion.

    Epic Lexa Skin was only available to players who reached Level 73 in Chapter 2 of Season 5 as part of the Y-Labs Hunter Pack.


    Orin skin is a brother of the aforementioned Lexa skin and looks very similar to his sister, wearing the same silver hair and scary red eyes, but the difference is that he is a boy anime skin and does not have that famous emotion in Fortnite in the form of an android armor, but only a robotic armor. Orin and Lexa share some identical animations, which is good when forming a tag team wonder twin partnership.

    The Orin skin was released in January 2021 in Chapter 2 of Season 5 as part of the Y-Labs Rescue Pack and this rare skin is available for 1200 V-Bucks at the item shop.

    Zoe Clash

    It’s funny, but this article ends with the Zoe Clash skin, which is the first anime skin in Fortnite: Battle Royale that came as a starter pack. Zoe is not a famous character from any anime series, she is an invention of the creators of Epic Games, but at the same time, it is a very harmonious anime version among other Fortnite skins. The items included in the set, such as a backpack in the form of a cat, only complement her anime look.

    This Rare anime skin is available in the item store for $3.99 as part of the Mainframe Break Pack.

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